• About Us

    WearTheChange provides transformational information and techniques to help us all initiate real change both to ourselves and this world we share.

    If you have come to the conclusion, like many great minds before you, that the only way to truly change the world situation is to truly change your own inner condition, you’ve come to a friendly place.

    It is now known that our DNA responds to our inner conditions and constantly communicates it to our environment. In fact our DNA is constantly transmitting and receiving information at a subtle level.

    So whatever the condition of our inner world, whatever level of consciousness we operate from is being constantly and unavoidably transmitted into our sphere of influence.

    Transform your innate qualities into their higher form and your consciousness will positively affect those around you without effort.

    We call this the ripple effect and this is the way we will change the world.

    Over The Coming Months…

    We’ll be featuring articles on all sorts of subjects and Sunny will be writing frequently. View Sunny’s Blog. Check out the Latest Posts and How To Transform section to read more views and advice, some game-changing revelations and life-changing information.

    We also design and produce cool and provocative clothing from our little workshop in the heart of the Midlands, in the UK. View Our Latest Designs Here. This is how we fund the website and we’d like to say many thanks to all our customers worldwide.