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    “When we wake up out of the dream world and realise the truths of this world we all live in, we are left with no option but to turn our attention inward.” Sunny Lyons

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    Food As Medicine

    Depending on what we eat and how we eat it, our food can be preventative medicine or disease causing gunk. Most body ailments can also be treated easily with food, without side effects…more

    Dealing With The Mind

    Almost all of our problems are in our minds. Negative emotions, troublesome inner dialogues, issues, tissues & obstacles can be recognised, understood and sublimated…more


    How To Meditate

    Being still & silent requires a little good nutrition, a settled mind, a bit of courage and some practice. Meditation is the key to revealing the highest versions of your innate attributes…more


    Sustainable Living

    It’s getting more and more important to preserve the Earth’s resources. Great stories and bright ideas to help you contribute towards a healthier environment…more



    We can all do our bit to boycott dodgy companies and combat high costs. Whether it’s growing a tomato plant, keeping chickens or completely getting off the grid…more


    Everyone loves a bit of music and we’re no different. Amazing tunes, interesting takes, new ideas, spontaneous jams and 528hz to wake the heart…more



    Videos, clips, documentaries and films on all sorts of relevant topics that we think you should see. Youtube Channel…more


    Free Stuff

    Download the FREE Ebook, “What Are You Eating”, music by Gio, plans to change the world and other good stuff…more


    Sunny’s Blog

    Sunny has travelled extensively and sat with many of the most revered doctors and spiritual. He has been advising, treating and teaching natural health for almost 20 years…more